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The Leadership Garden Newsletter – #39

Block off 90 minutes in your calendar every morning to work on the most important thing. Wake up early if you need to. Don’t compromise.

Agile isn’t about speed, it’s about direction

A short & sweet reminder about the misnomer we all love to hate.

The Most Important Characteristics Of High-Performance Teams

A longer piece walking you through different aspects of high-performing teams, with tips on how to build them.

The Law of Influence: Character Trumps Emotion Trumps Logic

A great piece on the importance of understanding your stakeholders and colleagues on multiple levels.

“You cannot reason people out of a position that they did not reason themselves into.”  — Ben Goldacre

Management Debt

Teams naturally start to incur management debt as they grow and become more complex, just as codebases incur tech debt. The combined weight of past decisions creates a web of precedents and exceptions that can cause problems of varying size over time.

The Pendulum Swings: How To Respond To Tech's Downturn

The macro environment is changing in ways that are creating a more employer-advantaged workspace and demanding results of businesses. How to act in this situation?

Overcoming The Resistance

Paolo discusses hesitating due to one's imposter syndrome: “How can we create the conditions to just start? How can we feel the fear… and do it anyway?”