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The Leadership Garden Newsletter – #40

What a year, huh? — Captain, it's only January

History remembers those who got to market first. Getting your creation out into the world is more important than getting it perfect.

Evaluating Managers: 5 heuristics to measure managerial impact

As a manager, how do you know you're doing a good job? @abdulapopoola  shares his five heuristics for answering this question.

Leading With Influence: The Art Of Changing Your Organization

@sammcafee reminds us of three directions of influence with some tips and what to do in each direction.

No Deadlines for You! Software Development Without Estimates, Specs, or Other Lies

How to write great software for happy business owners without telling them how long it will take you to do just about anything.

Tips On Prioritizing Tech Debt In A Healthy Way

“Delivery speed results in cost reduction; confidence enables speed; confidence requires quality.”. Tips on talking about tech debt with your non-technical stakeholders and getting time for it.

Shaping Your Authenticity

There are many genres of leadership theories. One of those is authentic leadership. Regardless of how leadership psychology researchers define it, the most common view of authentic leadership is leading while being true to oneself and acting according to one’s feelings, emotions, and values. Unfortunately, most of us make career decisions, exhibit behaviors based on this perception, and shortchange ourselves.

The Importance of Empathy in Leadership

CMO Kate Parish details why empathy is an important part of leadership, comparing it to sympathy and compassion and some practical tips on how to become an empathic leader.

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