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The Leadership Garden Newsletter – #38

New Year's edition

🧠 Experience is not about how many times you’ve done a job before.  Experience is about how many times you had to change yourself in order to be successful. (Paulo André)

Which ones would you like to see happen?

7 Leadership Lessons from the Fields: Advice from Farmers

Leadership can be compared to being a farmer in the sense that both require patience, dedication, and a long-term perspective. Another flawed-but-interesting lens to look at leadership through.

8 Hard Truths I learned when I got laid off from my SWE job

Thoughts of a software engineer who does indeed learn some hard truths. Worth a read for all of us – to help mentally prep for the inevitable for ourselves, but also as a primer for giving the right type of support when others in your network need it most.

How Companies Think About Layoffs

It's worth understanding the layoff process from start to finish: how do companies decide to do a layoff (as opposed to freezing hiring, cutting other costs, or letting attrition slowly shrink the workforce for them). And that also entails understanding the end goal.

Measuring an engineering organization

tl;dr: "There is no one solution to engineering measurement, rather there are many modes of engineering measurement, each of which is appropriate for a given scenario. Becoming an effective engineering executive is adding more approaches to your toolkit and remaining flexible about which to deploy for any given request."