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Mid-holiday newsletter

Let's put the ho-ho-ho in home office

Hey dearest subscribers 💜 how is the holiday season going? I really hope you’re getting all the rest and love in the world! I definitely welcome the chill times, I needed it badly.

BUT!! that doesn’t mean I’d leave you without a newsletter 🥰


Why does Vim use hjkl and not the arrow keys for navigation? In the JavaScript date API, months go 0-11, not 1-12. Why? - well, click to find out ;) 

Toxic and Woke Engineering Orgs

Why are organizations committed to positive ideals so often shitty to their employees?

We rendered a million web pages to find out what makes the web slow

No spoilers! Go and read :) 

The spatial information content of the honey bee waggle dance

Finally a nice scientific study of the 🐝💃🏻

Why Is This Idiot Running My Engineering Org?

Fear, loathing, and failing up in technology.

Communication skills for successful software engineers

Some food for thought for your upcoming goalsetting season.