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Let 2021 start

with a newsletter, of course

🎉Happy new year, dearest subscribers 💜

The 101 of effective goal setting

It’s customary to start the new year with resolutions and goals - let this guide help you with that.

Diffuse complexity is exponentially worse than concentrated complexity

A nice intro to different kinds of complexities and how our design choices relate to them.

That time physicist John Wheeler left classified H-bomb documents on a train

Physicist John Wheeler is probably best known for popularizing the term "black hole," although his research spanned a broad range of fields, including relativity, quantum theory, and nuclear fission. In January 1953, Wheeler accidentally left a highly classified document concerning that program on a train - The whereabouts of the documents remains a mystery to this day.

Shamelessness as a strategy

Today, it seems like punishing shamelessness only increases social rewards to the transgressor. What’s changed?

100 Tips for a Better Life

I’m a sucker for non-cheesy condensed wisdom and this is a fine example of that. I’ll be coming back to this list over and over.