Long time no see – sorry for the pause, busy weeks near the end of the year – I’ll try to keep a better schedule, pinky swear!

How have you been, dearest readers? I hope you managed to wrap up all you needed to and you’re already on a well-deserved 🎄 vacation by now!

Let’s dig into this edition’s articles ✨

Why moral people tolerate immoral behavior

As morally sturdy as we may feel, it turns out that humans are natural hypocrites when it comes to passing moral judgment.

Give yourself a break: lessons from burnout

Practical advice for those headed for burnout – even if you think it doesn’t apply to you, give it a read. We usually recognize burnout late, when we’re knee-deep in it.

7 harmful biases in performance reviews

Some of us are still well into the end-of-year review cycle – this overview of the typical biases in reviews could be helpful.

Are people with dark personality traits more likely to succeed?

Ah, the age-old question… ‘Dark’ personalities come in various shades, but at the core of all of them is a tendency to callously use others for personal gain. What is it that these types of people are really gaining, though? Might a benevolent approach to life and others be even more advantageous? No spoilers for you, go on and read this fine article 🙂

There’s no cure for burnout

And another one on burnout… but it’s a different perspective, I promise. It’s like a diary and a very insightful read about how it feels from the inside.