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The Leadership Garden Weekly – #31

What a week… Captain, it's only Tuesday!

It's a common misconception that burnouts come from hard work. Burnout comes from a felt loss of control and/or impact. Remember that you can burn out people (or yourself!) with little to no work. How can you give people control over their impact? How can you define boundaries around the chaos around them?

Preventing burnout: A manager's toolkit

Recently, GitLab co-founder and CEO Sid Sijbrandij and Michelle Hodges, vice president of Global Channels, discussed how managers can support their team members and help prevent burnout.

Agreeably Disagreeing aka How to Handle Conflicts

Important Note: Do not blame anyone. Finger-pointing does not help. Focus instead on how to move forward.

10 Progressive Organizational Structures Developed By Real Companies

Apart from Holacracy, the "Spotify model" and Liquid Organization, what other frameworks/models do you know for adaptable org structures?

You Don’t Have The Answer

One of my pet peeves is when people tell me what I should do. Normally, this is because they did something that worked for them, and they want to tell me I should also do it.

A Recipe for Self-Improvement

The Weekly Hagakure is back and it’s still amazing. This edition gives you a framework for self-improvement.

Moving the finish line

“a joke that I sometimes tell managers moving into manager-of-manager roles: “Do you know why VPs never miss their goals? They move the finish line!” The joke isn’t funny at all, but I tell it because it captures something important that many new managers struggle to appreciate: executives are evaluated based on their perceived outcomes rather than their actual outcomes.”