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The Leadership Garden Newsletter – #36

Butterflies taste with their feet

Resilience is not resistance to suffering. It's the capacity to bend without breaking.  Strength doesn't come from ignoring pain. It stems from knowing that your past self has hurt, and your future self will heal.  Fortitude is the presence of resolve, not the absence of hardship.

As many of us, I’ve set up a Mastodon account after the Twitter dumpster fire started. Come and say hi – @[email protected]

Short Tenure – Red Flag Or Not?

In which I discuss whether job hoppers should be given a chance and why the world is not black and white.

The flying wedge

CTO at Calm and author Will Larson (@lethain) details a management pattern (or antipattern) where new managers bring previous team members with them into a new team/org.

Tension: why product development requires balancing conflicting goals

Learning to live with the tension inside the company and with customers is a skill worth learning rather than hoping to find a model to avoid it altogether.

How to prevent your quest for teams’ autonomy from turning into chaos

“Without these many “we intend to…” from everyone it is not autonomy, it is chaos.” —  Thomas Pierrain's analogy of multiple boats moving together and the need to let each boat operate while having a single vector of movement is quite relevant and useful.

Holding two opposing ideas in my mind

Alfred Lua’s article on useful cognitive dissonance is refreshing.

The psychology of prestige: why we play the social status game

Far from being a modern phenomenon, we have craved status ever since we were monkeys when it already offered evolutionary advantages. However, now that status is not so closely linked to our survival, pursuing goals based on the assumed prestige our success will confer can negatively impact our creativity and even lead to bad decisions.

And finally