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The Leadership Garden Newsletter – #34

Sonder more to be less cranky.

Sonder: to realize that everybody on Earth is living a life as complicated, intense, and vibrantly unique as your own.

10 Iceberg Situations

What we see about other people above the waterline, while what’s really happening is submerged below.

Micromanagement vs. micro-tasks

How to set junior employees up for success in remote.

The Ultimate Guide to Onboarding Software Engineers

Learn how to onboard engineers with an empathetic and structured approach. Includes a 30-60-90-day check-in template.

How to grow your employees when you can't promote them

There are many ways to grow people that does not require a promotion or financial bonus. Any of the ideas below can help you tap into powerful intrinsic motivation that can boost morale and motivate your team members. No, this is not a substitute for promotions when they are due!

The Problem with Fighting Fires

Well, the problemS, plural. A short and sweet post on what tradeoffs you’re making when you blindly fight fires.

Stop Overcomplicating It

Instead of just more opinions, we need a simpler leadership approach that measurably and predictably delivers more engaged employees and better business results.