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The Leadership Garden Newsletter – #47

The Leadership Garden Newsletter – #47

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If you're wondering what changed but can't put your finger on it — I just moved away from Substack to my Ghost instance. Why? Substack is fantastic, but I prefer having more control and ownership over the content I create.

The State of Candidate Experience 2023

In its seventh year, the Phenom's State of Candidate Experience report provides an unbiased assessment of the CX (Candidate Experience) of the leading 500 employers. It evaluates the job application process on their respective company career pages. Personally, I find the results quite promising. Software has improved, and features that were once considered niche and optional are now becoming essential elements in enhancing the overall job applicant experience. However, there is still plenty of work to be done.

The Office Odyssey: Return, Resist or Remodel?

Explore research on the impact of office spaces on employees' psychological and physical states. Learn why a one-size-fits-all approach to workspaces may be counterproductive, and discover how designing diverse, inspiring environments can boost productivity, well-being, and creativity.

Google makes office attendance part of performance reviews

Well, what do you know! Employees will need to be in the office at least three days a week to score high in performance evaluations.

Tindall On Software Delays

A blast from the past: Bill Tindall was instrumental to the Apollo missions and considered by many at NASA and MIT to be an excellent leader. Let's see his advice from 1966 on approaching delays in product development.

How Canva saves millions annually in Amazon S3 costs

“Understanding our data and usage patterns was the real key.”

Making Time for Our Mental Health and Well-Being within the Hybrid / Remote Workplace

This article from Leadership Coach Helen Bartimote (@HelenBartimote) shines light on the relationship between the environment and how it contributes to or prevents burnout.

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