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Meriggiare An Italian verb meaning to rest or relax at midday, usually in a shady spot on a sunny day. From ‘meriggio’ meaning ‘midday’.

The advice of the week: Management provides strategic guidance and support only. Tell the teams what you need, trust them to figure out how to execute. Give people the environment and support they need, then get out of the way.

How does FaceTime Work?

A fascinating deep dive into the inner workings of FaceTime on the network and protocol level.

The ‘Great Resignation’ Is Really the ‘Great Discontent’

People are calling it the “Great Resignation,” and as the Gallup data show, it’s not an industry, role or pay issue. It’s a workplace issue – because the highest quit rate is among not engaged and actively disengaged workers. Highlights: A job change is on the mind of nearly half of all U.S. employees. Employee engagement correlates strongly to employee retention. Now is the time to rethink your employee retention strategy.

How to Talk About Your Mental Health with Your Employer

Up to 80% of people will experience a diagnosable mental health condition over the course of their lifetime, whether they know it or not. The author presents four strategies for disclosing your own mental health challenges at work.

Kindness is a hidden software engineering superpower

Kindness is a hidden superpower for software engineers. It helps your peers feel safe, and if they feel safe people take the risks that enable efficient, honest communication and thus real collaboration.

Google’s HEART Framework for Product Metrics

HEART is quite customer-centric as it examines engagement , situation , & feelings of the users which shape the customer experience during their interaction with the product. These set of metrics are quite helpful in decision making during the product development process.

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