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Kaamos is more than just Polar Night when there are 24 consecutive hours of darkness, kaamos describes the longing for sunshine, and a feeling of depression and lack of motivation and enthusiasm. It signifies long dark days and bad weather, no social life, and a lack of inspiration. It seems the Finnish people created the perfect word to describe our COVID era ahead of their time.

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🐕‍🦺 Leadership

Cost of Attrition

What if we could visualize the cost of attrition?

Why Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Follow the Rule of Zero Off-Hours Email, Backed by Science

Research shows formal policies designed to create boundaries between work and personal time don't help reduce employee stress and anxiety. But this will.

Uncomfortable Truths in Software Engineering

An opinionated list of things that are worth pondering about a bit.

9 multipliers for boosting your team’s productivity

Good points about certain levers for productivity.

The CTO Journey: Mark Porter of MongoDB

You can love and hate MongoDB, but understanding leadership journeys is super useful.

💻 Tech

What's in a Good Error Message?

Error messages are much more about UX than anything - this article gives a nice summary of what to watch for.

The senior engineer career hump

As a software engineer approaches or reaches the senior engineer role, the things they need to show to progress further become very different. Many engineers don’t explicitly plan for this, and get stuck at what I call the “experience hump”. Here’s how to move past it.

Redesigning Etsy’s Machine Learning Platform

Exactly what it says on the tin :)

🤔 Philosophy

Now... bear with me :) I'm trying this new section, please give me feedback whether it's something you like or not.

Why Kierkegaard believed it’s lazy to admire our moral heroes

After reading this, I wonder what comes to your mind when you think about behaviors in tech.