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Wait, why am I getting an email from leadership.garden?! Relax, it’s still me, Csaba – I’ve moved my newsletter and blog over to leadership.garden and in the future ochronus.online will serve as a profile page (work in progress). I have some bigger plans with Leadership Garden – I’ll form a proper community for engineering leaders. For now, nothing changes besides the domain and the sender address 🙂

You might want to add this sender to your contacts, pinky swear, I won’t ever send any spam your way!

Iktsuarpok – it’s inuit for the feeling of anticipation while waiting for someone to arrive, often leading to intermittently going outside to check for them.

All about FLoC – Google’s new way to track cohorts without cookies

Read about what FLoC is and why it’s still worrying – also ways to opt out from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Hint: cookies or not, FLoC makes it easier to identify you with browser fingerprinting, and it gives trackers a head start on profiling you.

A nice summary about trends in 2021 around hiring, the effects of COVID and management in tech. If you want to skip ahead to the full report, you can download it here in exchange for your email address.

Hopes and fears 2021 – the views of 32,500 workers

And another survey results from PwC – this one is not tech specific, still it’s super interesting.

Take your first steps with Rust

A pretty nice intro to the Rust language from Microsoft – a set of short & actionable exercises to show you the basic constructs of the language.

Ask HN: What was the biggest leadership challenge of your career?

A treasure trove of honest conversations from engineering leaders about their struggles.