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Gökotta is an untranslatable Swedish word, which essentially means “to rise at dawn in order to go out and listen to the birds sing”. Isn’t that a beautiful concept? I wonder how much time do you give yourself in the morning, dear reader, to start your day properly, to focus on the beauty of what’s around you. I know I spend way not enough time on this.

The advice of the week: “If they’ll do it with you, they’ll do it to you” and “those who live by the sword die by the sword” mean the same thing. Viciousness you excuse in yourself, friends or teammates will one day return to you, and then you won’t have an excuse.

Why Disaster Happens at the Edges: An Introduction to Queue Theory

In real-world applications, the user experience depends less on raw power than we often assume. Latency spikes, spinning wheels, website timeouts — often these problems are the result not of insufficient resources, but badly managed queuing. To understand why, we have to focus on the right metrics. In particular, we have to go beyond the mean.

What Remote Work Really Does To Your Engineering Productivity

A bit one-sided article, but it’s good to balance out the ‘remote hype’ – treat it as just another opinion / data point, but it raises some good points around the drawbacks of the remote setup. Tradeoffs, tradeoffs everywhere!

Acing your technical interview – a hiring manager’s guide

Learn how to prepare and excel at your next technical interview with these tips from a seasoned hiring manager.

Best practices for BI dashboards

Yup it’s one of those articles – written by a company selling BI solutions, yet, the principles apply generally. We’ve all had our fair share of almost unusable dashboards (I’ve built some of those 😅) – let’s learn to make them better.

The 5 Common Mistakes Of New Engineering Managers

These are the most common mistakes of new engineering managers who just left their individual contributor track – learn how to fix them.

How to build organizational resilience

By encoding resilience into an organization’s culture, engineering teams can be better equipped to tackle the unknown and unexpected. Many organizations use the word “culture” when talking about their shared principles, but this is largely theory; culture is what happens in practice.

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