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Gluggaveður – An Icelandic term for when the weather looks pleasant from your window, but is actually really cold that you need a jacket. Gluggaveður literally means “window-weather”.

💡 This week’s advice: The 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes of screenwork, look at a spot 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This will reduce eye strain and is easy to remember (or program reminders for).

The best Twitter thread of the week

In which he CTO of Azure gets a recruiter ping for a SDE II role at Amazon.

🐕‍🦺 Leadership

How I Learned to Onboard Effectively in an Engineer Manager Role

I’m starting in a new role next January, so I was especially happy to read this useful piece of writing - but I think most of it applies for example when you get a new team in your existing company or start in a leadership role.

The Power of Performance Reviews: Use This System to Become a Better Manager

The review cycle starts very soon at most places - A former Airbnb Product Lead shares the conversation template that he’s used to build high-performing teams and motivate growth all year long.

The Power of Incentives: The Hidden Forces That Shape Behavior

Incentives are what drive human behavior. Understanding incentives is the key to understanding people. Conversely, failing to recognize the importance of incentives often leads us to make major errors.

My Lessons from Interviewing 400+ Engineers Over Three Startups

In this exclusive interview, Rogers starts by debunking some of the common recruiting tropes, explaining why they are outdated or misleading. Then he spotlights his top four interviewing practices — and how they fit within his broader recruiting methodology. Lastly, he recommends the first, low-hanging change that startups can make to retrofit their interview process.

The Shape of Building

This is a report on the experience of building and shipping software today. What we saw, and what’s captured in this report, are a number of opportunities that have the potential to unlock the next wave of speed and agility for the software industry.

🛡️ Security

American spy hacked Booking.com, company stayed silent

No, you’re not looking at an IMDB movie description. Hacker ‘Andrew,’ who had close ties with American intelligence services, accessed thousands of hotel reservations in Middle-Eastern countries. Booking.com did not report the data breach to customers or authorities.

💻 Tech

The strong and weak forces of architecture

Good technical design decisions are very dependent on context. Recognising the differences in strong and weak forces allows us to make better decisions and give better guidance for each level, allowing for more empowered teams that can move faster.

Lesser Known PostgreSQL Features

A treasure trove for super useful but lesser known PosgreSQL features.

Etsy’s Journey to TypeScript

A comprehensive description of the approach they took for their 16-years young codebase.

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