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February Fever - komorebi

A whole month passed... can you believe?!

Our unique word today is komorebi -  a beautiful forest with sunlight peeking through the leaves of the trees. This is the image I’d like to start February with - the calm promise of the approaching spring and the end of the COVID lockdown.

I hope your January was amazing! I’d love to hear how your year is starting in the comments 🤗

Today’s words of wisdom: “Think a little about why you enjoy what you enjoy. If you can explain what you love about Dune, you can now communicate not only with Dune fans, but with people who love those aspects in other books.”

The High Price of Mistrust

With the decline of social capital comes rising transaction costs. We can’t rely on other people to treat us as they would like to be treated because we don’t know them and haven’t built the opportunities to engage in reciprocal relationships. This is true in all communities - our workplace and even our families.

The 4 Key Ways We Fail As Engineering Managers

For better or worse, managers have a huge impact on their teams' and direct report's lives. It's extremely important to understand some usual failure scenarios so we can course correct and provide better service and support to them.

An easy and practical approach to structuring Golang applications

“Go is an amazing language. It’s simple, easy to reason about and gives you much tooling right out of the box. However, when I started with Go I struggled to figure out how to structure my applications in a way that didn’t use “enterprisey” approaches. This is my take on structuring Golang applications that start out simple, but with the flexibility to grow, and what I would have wanted when I started with Go.”

Cross-cultural issues relating to the DaimlerChrysler merge – Case Study

An amazingly relevant case study about the Daimler-Benz and Chrysler merger. Who would have thought, in the early stages of the merger, differences in communication styles would be the first major hurdles to be surmounted, especially between the German vs. the US style.

How do I feel worthwhile as a manager when my people are doing all the implementing?

A nice one on job satisfaction for managers. I think it’s a super important read for individual contributors, too, if they want to understand their managers’ world.