Block off 90 minutes in your calendar every morning to work on the most important thing. Wake up early if you need to. Don’t compromise. Agile isn’t…
New Year's edition

December 2022

Why is it called “after dark” when it really is “after light”?

November 2022

Butterflies taste with their feet
The first snow falls in Berlin

September 2022

Long time no see

July 2022

Sonder more to be less cranky.

June 2022

Goodbye, Internet Explorer
What’s wrong babe? You’ve barely touched your unfinished side projects

May 2022

What a week… Captain, it's only Tuesday!
The empire yikes again

April 2022

Firgun (פירגון) – Firgun is a Hebrew term and concept in Israeli culture used to describe genuine and sincere happiness for another person without any…