Stuff I’ve learned about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion over the past few years.

Will Larson’s articles are always an interesting read. Click and you won’t be disappointed – learn why a metrics-first approach doesn’t work here and how unconscious bias trainings may increase reliance on stereotypes rather reduce it.

Management via Worry and Crisis

Rands is my other all-time favorite author – this time he talks about a few negative default manager behaviors. A good read for both individual contributors and managers so both can identify when it’s happening.

As Your Team Gets Bigger, Your Leadership Style Has to Adapt

Sounds like a no-brainer, but there are nuances to it – read the article for some real-world challenges you and your org will face as it grows. One spoiler, or rather teaser: “People-Centric Skills Matter Most” 😉

Managers: What do you when your teammate shares their grief?

Most of us are not great at handling emotionally loaded situations, such as a grieving teammate. Lara Hogan (who I recently discovered and she has amazing content!) gives actionable advice on how to get better at dealing with this as a manager, but honestly, everyone can learn from this.

The basics of one on one meetings

Conducting good one on one sessions is one of the most frustrating skills new engineering leads need to learn – I hope my post helps them a bit.

Happy Halloween, all!