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A New Map of All the Particles and Forces

An amazing overview of where particle physics is at today – it’s also a good primer. As a bonus – if you’re a physics geek like me – you’ll enjoy What Is the Geometry of the Universe? too.

Use “pseudo-sets” to control how many actions people take

A 3-years old Harvard research building on Gestalt psychology shows us how we can influence people to take more, or less, actions (e.g. reading or buying something, going to the gym) by grouping them into sets that feel ‘complete’. Pseudo-set framing is widely used in areas like web design (“you’ve read 66% of this article”. Really), gaming (“unlock 8 new levels”), and collectible products (e.g. cards, toys).

Communicating organizational changes

Org changes can be disruptive if not communicated properly. Read this article for some actionable advice on how to do it right.

Less status updates, more coaching

James Stanier talks about how to avoid “status snore-fests” and turn your one-to-ones into coaching sessions. Shameless plug: I’ve also written about the basics of one-on-ones.

The four dangerous animals of product development

As usual, the last piece is from me, myself and I – there are (at least) four specific behaviors in product development that we need to watch out for. Join me in a quick (really, it’s a short post) stroll through the zoo.