Common Causes of Very Bad Decisions

Let’s dig into the usual reasons why people keep making the same mistakes. From this short and sweet, bite-sized write-up you can create an actionable “checklist” to double-check your decisions against. This is the kind of list which, when looked at feels obvious but it’s still good to have in one place.

Delegation creates career progression

In his article James Stanier argues for delegating more to your direct reports, both for their career progression and for your own success as a manager. It’s written for managers of managers but I find it apposite for line managers as well. Again, a short read but quite on the point.

How does your brain make split-second decisions?

Both amazing and worrying.

The Hidden Pitfalls Of Servant Leadership

One less silver bullet. Or rather the case is that servant leadership is often misinterpreted and approached with a one-size-fits-all mindset, while it requires situational awareness and the ability to adapt quickly. One of the best articles I’ve read in the field of management lately.

The 101 of effective goal setting

Where I talk about basic methods, frameworks and pitfalls of goal setting in the context of engineering management.